Torque Automotive | Brake Repair Slacks Creek
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Brake Repair Slacks Creek

Do you know the condition of your vehicle’s brakes? Do you need brake repair in Slacks Creek? Many people take their car brakes for granted and think they will last forever, however this is not true.

How do I tell if I need to get my Brakes replaced or repaired?

Your car will tell you if its brakes need replacing by emitting a high pitched squealing sound, this is your wear indicator. Another sound to listen out for is a grinding sound. This means your brake pads have completely worn and are scraping against the metal brake disc. At this stage it is very dangerous to be driving the vehicle and is a good idea to replace your brakes immediately.

If your vehicle is making these sounds, you may need brake repair in Slacks Creek. Come and visit us at Torque Automotive and our team of experienced professionals will be ready to help you. We will ensure that your vehicle leaves our shop with brakes in tip top condition.