Torque Automotive | Clutch & Driveline Repairs Slacks Creek
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Clutch & Driveline Repairs Slacks Creek

To ensure your vehicle is operating smoothly, it is a good idea to pay attention to how your clutch and driveline is behaving. If you need a replacement or repair of your Clutch & Driveline in Slacks Creek, Torque Automotive have the skills and experience you need to get your vehicle moving along smoothly.


How do I know if my clutch & driveline need replacing?

If your clutch is slipping and not grabbing the gears, allowing the car to continue to run when it should ordinarily stall, then chances are your clutch needs replacing. A simple test is to take the car to an empty parking lot, put the vehicle into third gear, and slowly let out the clutch – if the vehicle doesn’t stall, then your clutch has gone bad.

To test the driveline, pay attention to the way your vehicle is operating. If the car resists when turning into tight corners, and the wheels just don’t seem to be responding to the way you are turning the steering wheel, this may mean your driveshaft is damaged.

Turn to Torque Automotive if you need to replace your Clutch & Driveline in Slacks Creek, contact us today on 3808 3700 or by filling out the Contact Form to the right.