Torque Automotive | Log Book Service Slacks Creek
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Log Book Service Slacks Creek

If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive Log Book Service in Slacks Creek, we have the right tools and experience for you.

Why should I do a log book service?

Log Book services are important, as following the guidelines in your car’s log book will ensure your vehicle is in optimum condition and assist you in avoiding unexpected breakdowns. It is also a great thing to do if you ever decide to sell your vehicle. Your buyer will be making the purchase with peace of mind, knowing that the vehicle has been cared for properly, in the way the manufacturer intended.

It is recommended to complete a Log Book Service regularly to keep you and your passengers safe. Doing this keeps you aware of your vehicle and the state it is in, so you can take the right steps in getting it into tip top shape. Our team of professionals are ready to complete your Log Book Service in Slacks Creek with accuracy and efficiency.

Our service includes checking all parts, oils and scheduled service items, plus a full safety check and report on any issues. We know your vehicle matters to you, so we do a thorough job and make sure your vehicle is running smoothly and economically.

To book in your Log Book Service in Slacks Creek, contact Torque Automotive on 3808 3700 or by filling out the Contact Form to the right.