Torque Automotive | Suspension & Steering Repairs Slacks Creek
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Suspension & Steering Repairs Slacks Creek

To ensure smooth driving, we can check whether your Suspension & Steering in Slacks Creek is in top condition. At Torque Automotive, we know it is important that when you use your vehicle, the ride is smooth, comfortable and safe.

The suspension system ensures the vehicle’s wheels remain in contact with the ground at all times. Both steering and suspension work in conjunction with one another, allowing the driver to maintain complete control of the vehicle. This allows for a safer and more comfortable experience for the driver and their passengers.

Replacing your vehicle’s Steering and suspension systems regularly keeps you safe, and assists you in avoiding unwanted costs of wear and tear on your tyres. It also allows for better gas mileage, making for a more efficient ride.


How do I know when to replace my Suspension & Steering?

To test the quality of your suspension system, you can carry out a bounce test. Push down firmly on the back of the vehicle, and it should come to rest after one bounce. Repeat on the front of the car. If your vehicle bounces more than once, it is likely the shock absorbers have worn.

In order to tell whether your steering system needs attention, you can do this by feeling whether the steering wheel is sloppy or tight. If it feels loose, this means there is wear and tear in the ball joints and it is a good idea to get them checked.

If you are looking for reliable replacement or repair of your vehicle’s Suspension & Steering in Slacks Creek, contact Torque Automotive today on 3808 3700 or fill out the Contact Form to the right.